Err… hello

I’ve always thought that blogs were self-indulgent, rather pointless and usually updated by people with very little to say – and this one might possibly be even more so. In fact, let’s not even call it a blog, which is a very stupid word. Random rantings is how I see it and, in fact, my sole research in deciding which provider to use for this service comprised of selecting the most popular one which didn’t contain the word “blog” in the title.

So what’s brought me over to the darkside of self-indulgent waffle? Well, it was Dr Cox’s very weak TV series Wonders of the Universe which finally did it. Hardly the most offensive TV programme of all time but merely the tiny straw which broke the camel’s back. As it’s the sort of thing I moan about over coffee at lunchtime to anyone who will listen I thought I may as well target everyone I know with my moaning in one fell swoop.

As television is one of the great loves of my life there’s very little which annoys me quite as much as bad TV. TV can be remarkably educating, distracting, immersive and entertaining. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad TV about which defies any rational explanation as to how it was commissioned in the first place, let alone actually made and broadcast. Hopefully I’ll get the balance right here between congratulating the good and stabbing the bad in a frenzied attack. Or I might just forget about it all after getting the Wonders of the Universe off my chest. We’ll see.


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